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Thursday, June 14, 2012

2016-2017 Athletic Season  



The basketball season is in full-swing. Good luck to all the teams this season. Remember to enter the scores for all regular season games. The Early Bird Basketball tournament is Feb 3 and 4 at Khalsa School. 


Entering Scores
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Please remember to enter your own scores through our website!.
This email is to help you post scores, add team contacts, etc.

1. From the home page click on teams in the top tool bar. Find your school in Volleyball Boys and/or Volleyball Girls.
2. Click your team logo and that will take you to your site.
3. Once on that site you will see a box called "Team Rep Login". Enter your password. If you forget your password please send an email request.
4. You will see a few links such as player roster, Add/Edit team information, Game scores, etc. If you wish to add your contact information click on Add/Edit team information.
click on Game scores - click on the green + sign. Under the name of teams enter the number of games won in the set. If a team wins the first two games, you would enter 2 and 0. 
If a set goes to 3 games the score would read 2 -1. You MUST check the "overtime?" box in order for the team that won 1 game to receives one point. For each set you will also enter the scores in the "Games Comment" box.  
Please be sure to hit submit.

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Boys Basketball
No Games Scheduled

Girls Basketball
No Games Scheduled

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