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Thursday, June 14, 2012

2017-2018 Athletic Season  

Track and Field

The 2018 Track and Field meet will take place at Foothill Athletic Park on Wednesday May 30, from 8:30-4:30pm. To access the Technical Package please click on the Track and Field tab on the left. 

Congratulations to all the teams who advanced to the semifinals and final games.
In the Boy's division, FFCA and WCS won their games against ALCA and AKCA to advance to the finals. The girls saw ALCA and WCS win their games against EFA and CGS BLACK. In the finals, after two great games, Westmount Charter School was victorious for the boy's and girl's divisions taking home the plaques for their school.

Thank you to all the schools for hosting and allowing CAAA to use your gymnasiums. 

The 2018 season is set to begin January 16 for boys and girls. The schedule is now posted. You can view it by clicking "schedule" in the top menu or on "team" and then clicking the logo of the team you would like to view. On this page you will see a tab called "team schedule" and this will display all the games for this team during the season. 
Good luck to all teams. Remember that BOTH coaches are responsible to ensure the score is posted on the website with 24 hours of the game. Please discuss with the opposing coach to determine who will enter the score. Information on how to post is archived below.  

Entering Scores
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Please remember to enter your own scores through our website!.
This email is to help you post scores, add team contacts, etc.

1. From the home page click on teams in the top tool bar. Find your school in Boys and/or Girls Basketball.
2. Click your team logo and that will take you to your site.
3. Once on that site you will see a box called "Team Rep Login". Enter your password. If you forget your password please have your Athletic Director contact the leagues website manager. 
4. You will see a few links such as player roster, Add/Edit team information, Game scores, etc. If you wish to add your contact information click on Add/Edit team information, otherwise proceed to entering the score.
click on Game scores - click on the green + sign. Under the name of teams enter 1 for the winning team and 0 for the losing team. IMPORTANT: in the Comment Box coaches are responsible to enter the exact score in case of a tie-breaker when playoff ranking occurs. Therefore scores should be entered TEAM A - 25 TEAM B - 18. Followed by submit. 
Please be sure to hit submit and double check that scores were entered by checking the main pages Standings tab. 

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Boys Basketball
No Games Scheduled

Girls Basketball
No Games Scheduled

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